A Message From Our Chair

<sp />Chair of the ACCWS</span>
"Greetings to all credentialed wound providers and visitors to the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists website. It is my pleasure and honour to have been elected to serve as the Chair of the board of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialist for the second time in its history. Congratulations to the Immediate Past Chair, Dr. Tammy Lutrell, for an excellent job during her recent tenure as Chair of the board during our transition phase. Congratulations and gratitude is also in order to our two newest elected board members Drs Monica L Morgan and Naz A Wahab, as well as, our executive board and current board of directors, for their loyal and dedicated service to the College. We additionally have prior board members, Deanna Vargo and Susan Logan, who have chosen to continue to serve the College and it’s committees. Thank you for your continued dedication and past service as a directors of the board. Finally, a note of gratitude goes to our Fellows and members. This organization would not be possible without your continued support. I appreciate and realize that there are several membership organizations which one can join, and realize that one does have a choice. Thank you for choosing the ACCWS. The American College of Clinical Wound Specialists is a membership organization for the credentialed wound specialist. We continue to strive to improve our mission of creating further educational avenues to advance the standard of wound care, support the credentialled wound specialist and to increase awareness of the wound care specialty and the impact it can have on the public at large. I look forward to a progressive year and continued growth within the membership. We strive for an increased awareness of our programming, including our Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialist and Annual Symposium –Advancing the Standard of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. In closing, our membership categories have expanded to include Student / Resident , International and Industry membership sections. As you browse this site please know that you are encouraged to become a more active part of your College. We would appreciate your input and involvement. Please contact us for further information how you can become a more active Fellow or Associate member. We need you to help us grow and continue to provide great services. Thank you!"
- Donald E Mrdjenovich, DPM CWS FACCWS, Chair of the ACCWS